A Bit of History - Demotion Dinner Ceremony!

It is a Rotary tradition that on the last Monday of June our club conducts a Demotion Ceremony to transition the President to the new rank of Past President.  The gavel is officially handed over, always extending the holding end, to the successor and new President, who by now should be looking for their Bell! 

This evening provides special time to acknowledge the accomplishments of Leadership greatness and notably honor the individual accomplishment of members.  The surprise of the evening is the unveiling of the President-Elect! 
Over the years there have been many great themes, awesome costumes, and many delicious dinners.  Friendships and spirits are combined to complete this fabulous evening of stories and laughter that fill the room. By now, the bell is already gallivanting about!
Newly Inducted President, James Fowler 'is handcuffed' to the Bell yet again as it is Presented by Tom and Laura Uslan.
Tradition changed a bit and the club hosted a Demotion Luncheon.  But, James rang that Bell with its Gavel perfectly.
The decorations displayed the individual interests of our Co-Presidents - together in the room.  Flamingos everywhere and flanked by Orange and Black Giants colors.  Our local and famous Ruddy Ground Dove sighting and the sports enthusiast.  Co-President Tom hosted the afternoon on his own and did a great bird nerdy job.  Co-President Laura joined us on Zoom and added all her personality from afar while tending to family needs.
Lunch was delicious, Father Sarducci's roast was hilarious, but we would like to know why Tom took off his eagle wings and mask so early during the event.
As you can see, James proudly accepted the Bell and Gavel from Tom and used the previously worn handcuffs to secure the Bell.  We are all once again grateful for our club and ready to embark into the new year for our kids and community.   One word can describe the afternoon perfectly - Check!
Photos of the event are just beginning to be uploaded.  Check back soon.
Evolution of the Bell's Security Task Force
Locks and Chains and
Wrapped to the President's Wrist.
Added Security with Motion Device.
Zip Tie Ready...
Into the Backpack the Bell went.
Jan LeRoy 'unlocks' the Bell and Gavel and Presented it to Tom and Laura Uslan.
Keep Calm....Trust your Realtor.  Sales can go up and down, but the Bell stays forever.  Jan was last seen with the Bell she protected all term. 
After the  'magic show' Demotion ceremony where even the professional magician couldn't make the Bell disappear, Jan LeRoy passed it and the gavel (yes, handle first) to the new incoming Co-Presidents, Tom and Laura Uslan.  As they accepted the gavel....club history was made as the mighty duo are the first ever, club Co-Presidents and rang the Bell.
Then something funny happened.  There must be someone in the club providing lessons on how a president should accept the Bell.  After John tied the Bell to his wrist with a chain and lock in 2019 and Rob attached a security alarm in 2020, our new club Co-Presidents accepted the Bell and Gavel, put it directly into a backpack, securing it with a zip tie, and hoisted it onto Laura's back.  Does this mean, Challenge On to all the Bell thieves!
Handle first, the Gavel is Presented from Robert Globus to President Jan LeRoy
Great Scott!  It's a good feeling to be celebrate the passing of the Gavel and Bell at the Demotion Ceremony.  In a Back to the Future ceremony, Rob becomes the Past President with one motion of handing the gavel and bell to our new President Jan LeRoy.
Both Rob and John were roasted for their Presidential years.  It appears some things are back to normal. 
One Year Later, Utilizing a Time Machine - Nobody Calls Me Chicken!
BACK TO THE FUTURE, time travel to unite 2020, and 2021 presidents, Doc Brown and Buffalo Bill.
At the Demotion Dinner of Rotary Club of Walnut Grove, we honored two outgoing president.  Rob Globus and because the president of 2020, John Stutz, missed his demotion ritual due to COVID lock down, we had to resort to Time Travel. We thank you all the presidents. You are all great and do a great deal for the community.
The Gavel is Accepted from John Stutz to Current President Robert Globus
The year is 2020.  An unprecedented year!  Our Demotion Ceremony was cancelled due to cv19.  An informal Demotion Ceremony was conducted in the Station 96 Service Drive with masked members  - 6ft apart. I've heard the Bell is obeying the stay-at-home order!  Congratulations to Rob and his vision for the next year! 


The Gavel is Handed off from Larry Gorham to Successor, President John Stutz

At the end of the three hour tour and unlike the show, Captain Larry returns as the Past President.  His little buddy, John Stutz, has accepted the gavel and poof, the Bell was gone!
Outgoing Madam President, Emily Pappalardo, Hands Over the Gavel to President Larry Gorham
In a ceremony fit for Rotary Royalty, new President, Larry Gorham is out of this world as he accepts the gavel from Emily Pappalardo.  Larry spent the year with the bell chained to his belt!
Tim Cook Presents the Gavel and Hands it Over to the New President Emily Pappalardo
When President Emily took a hold of the gavel, little did anyone know she would be the first in Rotary International history to have a gorgeous baby boy during her Presidency term.
The Gavel is Ceremoniously Handed Off to New President Tim Cook
Boys Scout, Eagle Scout, and all around nice guy Tim Cook becomes President knowing all the ribbing his fellow Rotarians will be in good fun.  He managed to keep control and by the end he of his Presidency, Tim was canoeing on down the river.