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What is the Walnut Grove Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Club of Walnut Grove maintains its own charitable fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, which provides grants directly to individuals, community organizations, and charitable organizations. In our commitment to provide service to the community and the world, the Walnut Grove Rotary Foundation has raised and distributed thousands of dollars annually for community projects and scholarships, along with investment in international projects.
Each year, the fund provides resources to deliver support for:
  • Scholarships to local students. We provide vocational and academic scholarship assistance for graduates of Delta High School in Clarksburg to study and further their vocation and professional development.
  • Community grants. For many years, the Walnut Grove Rotary Foundation has supported grants to diverse organizations looking for support of their initiatives.
  • Hands-on community service projects. The Walnut Grove Foundation helps support special service efforts, such as the Dr. Paul Barnes Community Park, Delta Education Vineyard Project (DEV), and many other projects. 
  • International our fund has supported many different efforts of our club members participating in various on-site, hands-on visits.  Most recently, furnishing Dental services in El Barril, Mexico, where local people could receive much needed dental service over the course of multiple days.  In 2019, the addition of dental chairs not only made it more comfortable for the patients, but for our 6'5" dentist.

Support the cause by donating to one that touches your heart! 
Link is now Ready.  Go ahead and try it.  Press This Button  Make A Change!
When you see this 'special project button' on our website, know something is happening quickly.  Press This Button and you will find Projects that are immediately being funded to help our children in the community during the Distance Learning programs at our schools or similar projects.
This is your opportunity to partner with the Rotary Club of Walnut Grove and show just how caring and compassionate our quaint little town is.  Your giving will be helping our children achieve better education, knowledge and wisdom during distance learning.  Every little bit helps!
Thank you, so very much for your kindness.  Always, contact Rotary if you have any questions.