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Monetary Donations to The 2023 Rotary Club of Walnut Grove
Scholarship and Community Fundraising Auction and Dinner.

In Lieu of the Typical Opportunity Tickets,
Direct Donations May be Made.
Thank You for Your Support.

  • $25          provides 5 children art supplies and encourage dreaming
  • $50          keeps the internet on for 2 weeks for our children to participate with at home learning
  • $100        provides 5 - 3rd grade students their own personal dictionary
  • $250        is very close in purchasing 1 Chrome Book to replenish or replace those which are out of date
  • $500        provides 3 awards to High School students vying to show off their new found confidence or tell a good story at our Speech Contest
  • $1,000     provides a High School student the opportunity to attend RYLA - the 'lifechanging' Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp
  • $2,500     provides a High School student the opportunity for a Scholarship - in your name!
*Donations described above are ideas only. Your donation will be distributed where the greatest Community needs are. By clicking Donate, you authorize this donation, and agree it is non-refundable and made voluntarily without exchange of goods or services. Thank you for your support. Your donation will Make a Change in our Children's Lives. Check with your accountant, Direct Donations may be tax deductible as allowed by law.

Walnut Grove Rotary Scholarships are Directly Funded by Our Annual Auction to Delta High School Seniors for College Scholarships:

For many years in late Spring, Walnut Grove Rotary’s Scholarship Committee has gathered at Delta High School to interview senior students for college scholarships. Prior to the interviews seniors must submit an application and write an essay describing his/her scholastic achievement, financial need, character, personal desire to better themselves, and any other information they feel makes them a worthy candidate to receive a WG Rotary scholarship. Over the years Walnut Grove Rotary has awarded a great many scholarships to public or private colleges/universities and community colleges, totaling many thousands of dollars to many students who might not otherwise have the means.