Rotary Club of Walnut Grove - Dictionary Giveaway Project

"Just to see the smiles on those 3rd grade faces. They are so appreciative. It’s also a literacy program for the Rotary Clubs to support." 
Each year our Rotary Club of Walnut Grove President, President-Elect, Committee Chair and any members wishing to participate delivers dictionaries to the 3rd grade class at two community elementary schools, Walnut Grove Elementary and Bates Elementary.  It is their very own personal dictionary.  "The pride of having something their own is worth it each year!  To some of our students, this is sometimes the only school product they get to call their own." 

How can I participate?

CLick Here and Contact our Rotary club to find out more about the Rotary Dictionary Programs and other Youth events in your area, how to apply, and all the benefits for getting involved.

For information on how you can contribute, contact our club directly or just "Press the Button and Make a Change".

Photos of the event!

2022  The 3rd Grader Dictionary's Have Been our local Bates Elementary and Walnut Grove Elementary Schools.

After adapting to last year's craziness, Committee Chair, Larry Gorham and Co-President-Elect, Laura and Tom Uslan, met our 3rd graders with their dictionaries on 3-21-2022.  Rotary Club of Walnut Grove was able to deliver IN PERSON this year and was greeted with big bright smiles.  The students continue to be excited about having their very own 'book'.  For some of these students, it's the first book they are able to call their own.   This project just never gets old, just maybe our Rotarians.


2021 Dictionary's Have Been our local 3rd Graders at Bates Elementary and Walnut Grove Elementary.

Rotary Club of Walnut Grove continues to be working in the community during the current pandemic.  Although, this year, instead of personally handing out the dictionary's, President Rob and Committee Chair, Dan Salazar, were required to drop off the books with the principal.  The dictionaries will be handed out next week to each 3rd grader.

Bates Makes an Electronic Shout Out!!

Thank you Bates Elementary for the pictures...

Thank you WG Elementary for the pictures....